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      It is a teacher's full responsibility to set up opportunities for success for each student.


Understanding that each student is an individual that walks into your classroom with a


world of issues, personal conflicts, and struggles one is less tempted to turn to alternative


strategies, such as the traditional timidation factor.  The three simple things that can be


given to a learner are a sense of regularity, safety, and an awareness of expectations.  If


those three features are instilled in a learning environment students will be more than


willing to show up, but be present in the moment, and have a working attitude.


      Instead of management I prefer to view it as prevention methods.  It is my belief that


ninety-percent of all issues can be prevented by preparing a lesson plan suitable to the


specified group of students.  Most people are thirsty for improvement in their lives and


yearn to undergo a learning experience, as opposed to a draining day of repetitive and


dull knowledge banking.  By inventing new and exciting ways to uncover material,


while maintaining conditions that are in alignment with the natural state of the human


body, fresh knowledge is sure to stick.  Allowing opportunities in a lesson plan for


student-to-student communication and physical movement the nervous energies that


often times bubble up in undesirable ways in a classroom will be released in


a positive and proactive manner.  It is my personal challenge to create these learning


experiences that invigorates the learner and motivates him or her to seek out further




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.