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The following are samples of work I created for use in the beginning drama classroom.


Acting I.I.doc


Lesson Plan sense memory.doc


Here are two lessons I used with an advanced high school acting class where we explored theatre as a tool for social change.


Boal Lesson.doc


Here are lessons from a unit I taught to a 6th grade drama class. We explored interacting with and becoming objects.


Middle School lessons.doc


Graduate classmates and I spent a semester creating a one-act play based on the life of Mary Warren, one of the girls involved in the Salem Witch Trials. We performed our Theatre-In-Education piece for high school students at the Boston Arts Academy.


Mary Warren Script.doc


Here is a study guide a few of us created for teachers to use before and after our performance. The study guide is meant to fit into a larger curriculum on early American history.









DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.